Types Of The Terrestrial Globe: Find Out Which One Is Best For Studying And Decorating Your Desk!

The terrestrial globe is an accessory that helps a lot when teaching geography! And the good thing is that you can find different types of it, you know? Come with me, and I’ll show you what they are and give you tips on using each one!

Political Map: Borders Of Countries And Capitals

Earth globe with a political map shows boundaries between countries and highlights capitals. And all nations come in different colors, making it easy to learn. And you can still highlight islands, lakes, mountains and even deserts. It all depends on the size and amount of information you need. This terrestrial globe rotates, and it is great to see the details of each country.

Physical Map: Landforms And Water Depth

The terrestrial globe with a physical map shows mountains and forests and even gives strength to teaching about the climate on Earth. You know there’s a way to know how deep oceans and rivers are, you know? The colors of this type of map are based on the images arriving from the satellites. They are arranged in a gradient, which helps to separate higher or deeper places. Ah, the terrestrial globe with the physical map is ideal for classroom or office use; the dark green shows where the forests are on the continents.

Historical Map: Essential Facts Of The World

The terrestrial globe with a historical map comes with several countries’ main facts and dates, such as independence, date of discovery, and navigation routes. It usually has many illustrations and texts. Because of this information, the globe with a history map looks neutral in colors such as beige and brown. The old style leaves the globe with a charming historical map and is ideal for decorating offices, at home, or in the company. So yeah, huh? The main events of the world are so marked on this globe.

Augmented Reality: 3D Images

The terrestrial globe such as Replogle Globes for instance with augmented reality is very modern, with a technology that shows its details on the smartphone screen. Just use the app recommended by the manufacturer. You can find some models that let you interact with dinosaurs, animals, and tourist attractions. You can take a selfie at the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, or Christ the Redeemer. There are 25 enjoyable activities, 19 in Portuguese and 6 in English, about geography, continents, capitals, population, currencies, history, hymns, etc. When you point to your cell phone, this terrestrial globe shows 3D images.

Spinning: Mimics The Movement Of The Planet

Another type of terrestrial globe is the rotating one, battery-operated or plugged in. The pedestal is fixed, and only the globe rotates, imitating the movement of the Earth! Too much, huh? And on specific models, you can even choose the rotation speed. Because of the movement, this globe is great for classrooms and makes teaching more visual for children and teenagers. Just put the battery in the globe and call it to spin by itself!

Lampshade: Illuminates With Indirect Light

And the globe with lampshade is the kind that has a light inside. It lights up a corner and makes the environment cozy when turned on. So it’s a good option to put it in the bedroom or office, ok? In addition, it has a globe with a lamp that changes the map drawn as soon as the lighting is activated.

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