Choosing the Right Shoes for Women: Tips for Easy Walking

Correctly selected women’s shoes can be a beneficial accent to any look. Experts will show you how to choose the right pair for a confident and light gait!

Most of us, when buying another pair of shoes, look mainly at its external indicators. And in vain, because it should be comfortable first of all. It depends on how comfortable you will feel, wherever you are. Constantly thinking about how your shoes rub or crush can ruin even the most perfect day. This can be avoided by knowing how to choose the right women’s flat shoes.

Recommendations from podiatrists and modern stylists

Do not risk your health, because the constant load on the spine and discomfort when wearing from improperly chosen shoes will lead you to the development of varicose veins, curvature of the toes or the development of various deformities of the foot.

Fashion experts will give you some topical tips on what to look for in order to choose the right women’s shoes.

  • Orthopaedists do not recommend buying stiletto heels or wedges for every day. You will be surprised, but flat soles also cannot be worn more than 3 hours a day. Shoes ideal for the entire musculoskeletal system should have a small, stable heel of 4-5 cm. You will be comfortable in it during the whole working day.
  • Pay attention to the material it is made of. It is not worth saving and buying a cheap product made of artificial materials. Shoes made from natural materials will cost more, but will also last you much longer. These shoes perfectly adapt to the shape of your feet, if, of course, you have chosen the right size. The foot will not sweat due to the free access of air, the shoes have good hygroscopic properties. This is important to consider in order to choose the right women’s shoes.
  • The inside of the shoes should be soft. Pay attention to how it is sewn. Better with a minimum of seams. And those that are, should be flat so as not to rub your foot. When choosing demi-season or winter shoes, pay attention to the inside of the cigar, sheepskin, fur, natural textiles or wool.
  • Postpone the purchase until the second half of the day, as by this time the leg is swollen as much as possible.
  • The sole should be tight, but bend a little in the toes. It will be right to choose women’s shoes, which have anti-slip elements on the soles.
  • The couple you like should sit freely on their legs, not press. When buying from an online store, in order to choose the right women’s shoes, measure your foot from the edge of the heel to the tip of the big toe and check the resulting parameters with the size grid of the manufacturer.
  • Another tip on how to choose the comfortable sneakers for women: sneakers or moccasins should be light, with flexible soles and fix the ankle well, sit tightly on the foot. This will help you avoid injury while exercising.
  • You should not blindly wear everything that modern fashion has to offer. To know how to choose the right women’s shoes, decide for yourself where you plan to wear them. If for work, then it is better to prefer a more practical and convenient option, if we are talking about a party or a festive event, then here you can already choose the model you like.
  • Stylists advise owners of curvaceous forms with short stature to abandon models with too high heels and platforms, the maximum heel size should be within 5-8 cm.
  • It is recommended that everyone wear low-heeled shoes with short dresses. Choose tights to match the colour of your shoes, then your legs will visually appear longer and slimmer.
  • Another important factor is the reliability of the manufacturer. It is better to choose women’s shoes from well-known brand manufacturers, as this will serve as a guarantee of the quality of the purchased goods.

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